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Diabetic Foot Care

Foot care is important for everyone but for the person with diabetes, it is essential. This disease affects the circulation and the nervous system. Diabetes slows down the natural healing process and increases the risk of infection, so that minor injuries may quickly become serious.

The feet are often the first part of the body to be affected by this disease, but serious problems can be prevented by paying careful attention to your feet on a daily basis.

Diabetic Foot Care - Complete Family Footcare in Mississauga

Why is Special Care Important?

Foot problems are common in people with diabetes. This is why you need to check your feet for cuts, abrasion and signs of irritation every day and wear properly fitting footwear. When you do not protect your feet properly infections can develop from minor injuries.

Diabetic Foot Care for better foot - Complete Family Footcare in Mississauga

Here Are Few Reasons Why This Can Happen

  • Diabetes can damages nerves in the feet, making them less sensitive to pain. This means that you may not feel a minor cut or abrasion until a severe infection develops
  • Diabetes can cause reduced circulation. This is a problem since proper blood flow is necessary for healing injuries.
  • Elevated blood sugars can interfere with the body’s ability to fight infection from cuts and abrasions. It also hampers the healing process.
  • You can reduce your risk of infection by keeping your blood glucose regularly and check it often.

Footwear Advice

The best type of footwell fits well and protects your feet. Whenever possible, wear shoes to avoid injury.

  • If possible, choose lace-up shoes as they don’t cause foot and leg fatigue or lead to toe-clawing.
  • Check inside your shoes for rough edges and to make sure nothing is inside of them.
  • Bring your shoes to your Chiropodist so they can asses your footwear.
  • Wear leather or canvas shoes because these materials can be stretch to fit your feet.

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